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Voted #1 Burger in Now Magazine’s Best of Toronto Reader’s Poll

Burger Stomper Gourmet Burger & Milshake Bar Named in Top 10 Burgers in Toronto by BlogTO!

Burger Stomper

Burger Stomper

Burger Stomper is a petite, but sleek space on the Danforth, where the 6 oz. patties are freshly ground daily, and the meat is never-frozen AAA Ontario beef. That’s what you’ll get on their classic stomp ($5.75), with basic toppings of lettuce, tomato and ketchup (or cheddar for an extra $1). For more gourmet palates, try their swiss mushroom melt ($7.25), with mushrooms, swiss cheese, and their secret mayo, and don’t forget a side of double-fried fries ($3.50) or one of their ice cream and milk milkshakes ($4 for a small). MORE »


blogTO review




Burger Stomper is now open for business on the Danforth just west of Chester. The 5-week old restaurant is co-owned by John and Nick who are both about as burger saavy as they get. John grew up in his family’s Vic Park and Lawrence greasy spoon, Smiley’s (sadly shuttered to make way for more condos), and is the former manager of the Real Sports Bar.

Nick on the other hand, has spent the last 6 years developing the restaurant’s namesake Burger Stomper tool (a unique kitchen gadget that presses perfectly uniform burgers). He also notes that whilst developing the product, he’s “eaten at every burger place across North America”.

The concept is simple; they cook what they love, and these guys, LOVE burgers.

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Tasty Burger Review



Well, this has to be a first – a burger joint opened partially to promote a kitchen gadget. The gadget, in this case, is the Burger Stomper, a tool whose purpose is to streamline the apparently arduous task of forming a hamburger patty. It doesn’t strike me that patty-forming is exactly a job requiring a piece of kitchen paraphernalia, but then again I’ve certainly seen more useless gadgets.

The restaurant has a fairly typical layout – the menu’s posted up on the wall, you order with the person behind the register, pay, get a number, then go to your table and wait for your food.

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Callum eats Toronto Review



Even though I was quite skeptical to begin with, the burgers here are quite good and not just because of their unusual design.  One thing that makes this superior to The Burger’s Priest (what isn’t) is that the patty is soft to bite into without falling apart.  And its also juicy without being greasy!!  It what seems to be a trend in the food scene which Burger Stomper is following; the servings are ridiculously generous but the food is of excellent quality.  Even the vegetables are crisp and fresh.

Burger Stomper is a highly recommendable place and hopefully will overthrow The Burger’s Priest as the Number One burger in Toronto.

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